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7 hours of consistent snow showers ahead for Denver


DENVER (KDVR) — As the Pinpoint Weather Team reports predicted snow totals around the Denver metro, foothills and Front Range, it reminds everyone there is a range and that one number is not the final, definite total.

The reason behind the range is that Colorado is a diverse landscape in elevation. The terrain is what creates the wide variety between totals. So as Denver shows 5 inches on the map, some areas could see just 2 inches because it’s at a lower elevation than another part of the city.

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As this is a band-effect snowstorm, it depends on where the bands set up on how much snow you may get. Snow bands could bring higher totals in the range depending on where they are located.

The areas south and west of Denver are expected to get more snow than Denver proper and the foothills will accumulate the most.

Although this is not a windy storm, gusts up to 25 mph could create visibility issues on the Interstate 25 corridor.

Ranges for locations around Denver metro, along the I-25 corridor and along the Front Range:

Central Denver, downtown: 2 – 4 inchesSouth and west of Denver including Lakewood, Ken Caryl, Littleton, Golden, Morrison, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch and parts of Centennial: 2 – 6 inchesFoothills including Boulder, Genesee and Evergreen: 4 – 10 inchesPalmer Divide including Parker, Castel Rock, Castle Pines, Larkspur, Monument, and Palmer Lake: 3 – 8 inchesLongmont and Fort Collins: 3 – 6 inches

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The Palmer Divide encompasses Douglas and Elbert counties and is south of Denver and north of Colorado Springs. The reason that area gets more snow than metro Denver is due to elevation, i.e. Denver is at 5,280 feet and Monument is at 7,136 feet.

The Pinpoint Weather Team will continuously update totals and ranges as the storm moves in. Check back throughout the day and evening for up-to-date information.

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