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90 Day Fiance: Female Cast Members’ Most Dazzling Photo Shoots Ranked


The 90 Day Fiancé franchise’s female stars love to show off their glam for fans, and we are going to position their own photoshoots from worst to best. To ascertain the ranking, we are going by the overall sense of the photoshoots and just how skillful the hair, makeup, styling, and photography are. It is not about standing the bodily looks of these former or current reality stars, because all of them are amazing. Each woman on the list is unique in her own way, and not just in terms of appearances, from fiery Larissa Dos Santos Lima into fitness-conscious Anfia Arkhipchenko Nava to bold Brittany Banks and beyond. If they get a little help from glam squads, these female cast members actually shine, but some of the photoshoots do stand out over others.

When the OG 90 Day Fiancé first aired in 2014, it was destined to be a global phenomenon. Fans actually reacted to the love stories of Americans and their international partners. Now, the franchise features the original series and spin-offs galore, such as 90 Day Bares All and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? The women of the franchise have become stars in their own right and they command focus on Instagram and YouTube. Even celebs who have cut ties with the franchise, such as Larissa, have promised their popularity, and their glam a part of the reason why. These stars use photo shoots to dazzle their fans, day in and day out. Now, it is time for your standing, in the least inspirational photo shoot to the many impressive.

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At number five, that’s the worst ranking, we’ve got Larissa. She showed a new side of her character when posing in a glowing violet wig. One fan compared her into Kai’Sa out of League of Legends. While she seemed astonishing in this purple blonde cosplay-inspired appearance, the everyday backdrop of her home loathed the fantasy vibe a bit. With a fun backdrop, this photoshoot could have been outstanding, as all the other elements were set up. Larissa’s unbiased makeup was perfect, from her defined eyes into her flushed cheeks to the delicate sheen of her lip gloss. The lighting was quite good but likely could have been a little brighter. Also, it would have been nice to visit Larissa’s whole outfit, rather than just the adorable striped tie and absolute top.

At number four, we’ve got the charming and inspirational Rosemarie, also known as Rose. She appears as fresh and perfect as a perfect red rose in this photo shoot, however, the backdrop is too humdrum and detracts from her magnificent hair, makeup, and crimson dress. Within this shot, Rose actually rocks shorter tresses. The bob haircut is a good choice for her oval face shape and includes some subtle red highlights which look great with her glowing skin. Makeup is light, therefore we can all love Rose’s natural beauty.

Much like Larissa’s reddish hair photo shoot, the backdrop is the issue. Lighting is better here than in Larissa’s shooter, so we’ve put Rose at amount, over Larissa. If Rose was posing from a glamorous backdrop, this photo shoot would be truly remarkable. Rose is now enjoying YouTube fame , as a result of plenty of fans who admire the way she stood up for herself when she dumped Big Ed Brown.

At number three, we’ve got fitness version and influencer Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava. Fans are utilised to seeing her into skintight athleisure or even tiny bikinis, and they certainly do not complain when she shows off her chiseled figure on Instagram. Nonetheless, in this summery white apparel photo shootshe shows a angelic side. Her modest dress and the stunning resort backdrop give this photo so much feel. The only drawback is the natural lighting is a small dark. In case the lighting was Anfisa would look like she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren photograph shoot. This photo shoot proves that Anfisa does not need to be scantily clad so as to get attention. It shows off her beauty in an entirely new way. Though the white attire is enough to be sexy, it is a true departure from her typical body-con fashion, and that she wears the dress so well.

Paola Mayfield gets the number two place on this”beach babe” selfie. She’s about optimism. Paola isn’t a shrinking violet. She knows exactly what she wants from life and that she goes , from committing Russ Mayfield into having an adorable boy named Axel into becoming a successful model. Because her optimism is so strong, she turns a fairly basic photo into something much more special. With a vivid blue sky in the backdrop, she presents with candies pink locks, a tube top, and pouty lips. It is safe to say Paola smolders from the heat. The shot’s lighting is outstanding and her makeup isn’t overdone. This pic really works!

Brittany Banks is currently at number one. She’s the most dazzling photo shoot. She’s just another uber-confident franchise superstar who knows how to utilize with it. She’s earned a big Instagram after by posing in a lot of daring fashions, such as this multicolored dress. Brittany resembles a queen in this fairly frock, which communicates her curves however, leaves a little to your imagination. The neon sign in the background adds a touch of excitement and lights up her face.

Brittany’s makeup is supple and soft. The 90 Day Fiancé queen has largely focused on accenting her brown eyes with liner and, likely, false lashes. Her lips are painted using a soft and neutral hue that’s fantastic for her skin tone. Her hair is styled in rippling mermaid waves for a real goddess appearance. The day photo shoot actually brings out the beauty of Yazan Abu Horira’s controversial ex.

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