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Carly Waddell Shared How BFF Jade Tolbert Reacted To The News Of Her Second Pregnancy


There are two Bachelor in Paradise babies along the way. Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s son is due in August. Now, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are anticipating their next child, too. As it turns out, Jade was among the people who heard about the couple baby news. Within an Us Weekly interview published on May 15, Carly shared Jade’s reaction to pregnancy number two.

Carly told the magazine, “We had just done a podcast and we were together and I think I peed, like, four times a day.” She recalled,”And I was like, Why am I peeing so much since youre not? And youre the pregnant one. [Jade] was like, I dont know. I think the universe is telling you youre pregnant. And I was like, ‘No way. Im not pregnant'” As all of us know Jade was onto something with that suspect.

In the same interview, Carly revealed, “Then I called her and I was like, Jade, Im pregnant, and she was like, No sh*t.'” That may not be the most eloquent reaction, but it does make sense, since Jade wasn’t exactly surprised.

The BIP alums went into more detail about Carly’s pregnancy during the May 9 episode of their Mommies Tell All podcast. There were actually some parallels between finding out about baby number two and the first time Carly was pregnant with her daughter Bella.

Carly began,”This one kind of came as another little’What!?’ We found out in a very similar way to when we found out with Bella since I had been tracking my periods. I was like five days late, which is exactly how late I was after my marriage.” As fans may recall, Carly and Evan got married in June 2017. Two months later, they announced their first pregnancy.

Carly attributed her second late period to stress and traveling. She, Evan, and Bella were in Denver when she took a pregnancy test while they were out to dinner. On the podcast, she recalled,

“When we were in Mexico, I peed on a stick in a bathroom at a restaurant. Evan was like, ‘You know what happens when you pee on sticks in restaurant bathrooms.’ I was like, ‘Oh, yeah. You get pregnant.’

Nevertheless, Carly shared,”I wasn’t having any symptoms of being pregnant at all.” She did not even believe it. Then Carly took a pregnancy test, where two lines indicated a positive test. She explained, “There was one line. I guess it was still loading. I put it back in my purse.”

That wasn’t the story’s end . Carly shared,”[Evan was] like,’Can you just check again? I don’t understand. I just have this weird feeling.'” Clearly, the instinct of his father was on point.

Carly explained, “I pull it out of my purse, in the wrapper, and it’s two freaking lines. They were real distinct. I just looked up and I was just in shock.”

When she saw the test, Carly stepped to share the news. She called up Jade. During the podcast episode, Carly said to Jade,”I just remember you were like’Oh my gosh. This is excellent. We can have lumps at exactly the same time.'”

And this really won’t be the first time that they are pregnant at exactly the time. Carly and Jade’s first pregnancies overlapped as well.

As far as their timelines now around, Jade and Tanner’s second child is due in August. Meanwhile, Carly and Evan are expecting their baby in November.

As couples that met on Bachelor in Paradise, they. Not only are their family and friends members invested in their pregnancies, but so is all of Bachelor Nation. Luckily, Jade and Carly have each other to lean on for love, support, and of course, realness.

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