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Lacuna Brings a Juice Bar, Cafe and Katonah Yoga to RiNo


Lacuna founders Megan Whiteside and Trent DeMichele were seeking a more holistic lifestyle than New York City offered them. But shortly after moving back to Denver, they realized the Mile High City lacked their New York wellness staples: organic cold-pressed juice and Katonah yoga classes. They quickly decided, as Whiteside said, “if we wanted it, we would have to do it.” So, Lacuna Juice and Yoga was born. Catering to the busy Denver lifestyle, Lacuna is a one-stop shop for a workout and a bite to eat – and makes fitting both into your lunch break easy.

While DeMichele focuses on the juices and Whiteside teaches yoga, both came to these wellness practices out of necessity. In her early 20s, Whiteside broke her back as a professional snowboarder. Realizing that lifestyle wasn’t sustainable, she turned to yoga to keep her fit, focused and always striving to improve herself and her body. DeMichele worked both as a bartender and in software and quickly realized both jobs restricted his time to work out, sleep well and eat healthily. Now they’ve turned their passions into their work to bring a unique enterprise and contribute to the wellness community in Denver.

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