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Lafayette, LA to Denver, CO road trip advice (7-8 days)


So I got some time before I start a new job and plan on roadtripping from Lafayette, LA to Denver, CO at the end of the month. I have a basic outline mapped out, but I’t only flown to Denver then drove to the hills to go snowboarding. I’m excited about seeing Colorado this time of year. Any suggestions or recs around my outline below are appreciated! The things that are a must are Pike’s Peak, Red Rocks show on 6/1, and Rocky Mtn Nat Park. I outdoor spots outside of Denver instead of things in the city of Denver. Thank you to anyone who leaves a comment.

Day 1: push from Lafayette, LA to Amarillo, TX (have done this once before)

Day two: Amarillo, TX to CO Springs (Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods)

Day 3: CO Springs to Denver (explore around city, downtown, concert at Red Rocks 6/1)

Day 4: Denver to Rocky Mtn Nat. Park (camp overnight – depending on weather)

Day 5: Rocky Mtn Nat. Park – ????

Day 6: start driving back home, taking different paths south thru Co..

Day 7: Drive back home…

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