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Meet The Denver Designer That Builds Everything from Coachella Stages to Cabins


Welcome to our series, Hello Denver, My Name is… where we profile different folks in Denver you likely don’t even know, but if. Get prepared to meet painters, artists, dancers, comedians, musicians, designers and only generally fascinating people that help make Denver amazing.

You may not know Hunter Leggitt by face, but you have certainly seen his designs. From designer homes to stage builds at Coachella and last year’s Far Out Factory to even the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Octopus Initiative design, Leggitt is a multi-disciplined architectural visionary who facilitates the endeavors of dreams. With an eye on intentionality, irrespective of the undertaking, Leggitt includes a keen sense of imbuing his job with a distinct sense of purpose. A Colorado native, Leggitt spent much of his professional career in Los Angeles, honing his abilities, and locating a house in a rather unlikely sector. Recently returning to Denver, Leggitt sees with Denver as an area full of ideas prepared to place design on the forefront.

303 Magazine: When did you move back to Denver?

Hunter Leggitt: I made in 2003, but came back three years back. I grew up down here and went to George Washington [for large school], subsequently went to college at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder). I split and landed in Los Angeles a week later I graduated school — it was just the location for me. I needed to be there –that’s where the design was. (At the time) that there wasn’t quite a pulse about what I wished to do, however I spent about 15 years out there and came back three years back and it’s crazy.

303: What brought you back?

HL: There has been a couple of factors. One, I think there has been a driver the lifestyle. Having grown up here only understanding what Denver and the hills has as a impact of being in a position to live, work and play hard and getting that attraction for moving backwards, instead of being in Los Angeles, which, year after year you get a lot of stuff done, however you’re also running on all cylinders all the time. Seeing the booming market for design and curation, it’s such a beneficial and productive momentum it’s fun to be participated on it.

Hunter Leggitt facing the Octopus Initiative installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver.

303: If you had a dream project to operate on, what might that look like?

HL: I think that a dream project that is probably coming around for me is to compile a group and generate a lifestyle-based real estate development which not only looks at design and how we live but also looks at sustainability, how communities can flourish and engage with each other in a healthy manner, and something which could inspire for generations to come.

303: This ultimate question is from the last interviewee in this series, Sophie Birkin: “What is your favorite location in Denver? ”

HL: That’s a tricky question having grown up here and using a huge quiver of quite dear places for me, both new and old. For what I’m doing today with strong intentionality concentrated on community building and high-level imaginative encounter, I’d say that the MCA Denver, palms down. With it’s unique artistic and educational programming paired with an extremely inclusive culture surrounding it, this establishment has been and still is among the very influential groundbreakers in Denver. I find myself on there all the time not just for the exhibitions but also to dance to good music onto the rooftop, attend uplifting assignments and always meet fascinating people with fascinating stories. I give it a lot of credit for being a beacon of light helping evolve this sports-driven, beer drinking, and outdoor rec-centric city I once knew into a growing hub of imaginative experience, conversation, and community.

All photography by Madison McMullen, unless mentioned otherwise. 

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