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My Favorite 2019 Travel Experiences


Arches National Park Utah

It’therefore that time of year when all of us reflect on the previous 12 months and for me which means reflecting on the wonderful travel experiences I had been lucky enough to appreciate. This record is more than simply about far-flung locales, it’s concerning traveling experiences which were particular, many occasions unique and oftentimes only a whole lot of fun. Surewe grow and know as people when we travel, but the adventure is also supposed to be entertaining and also for me, these minutes were amongst the best I loved in 2019.

The Four Seasons Nevis

Island Escapes

I’m not generally the kind of person who enjoys long been spent on the beach, but in 2019 I found myself enjoying a variety of island escapes which were perfect in virtually every way, but one had been only a little more special than the others. I had been on the Caribbean island of Nevis to spend some time at the amazing Four Seasons Nevis — as idyllic a retreat as you could hope for. I found a lot more than a luxurious resort though, I quickly became entranced by the island . Though Nevis isn’t a huge island, the landscapes do vary widely and regardless of where I ventured I was always amazed by the island’s inherent attractiveness. There are plenty of spots across the US, Mexico and Caribbean if all you want is a sunny beach. If you’re like me though and want an experience that seems special, personalized and even adventurous, then Nevis is one of the greatest options. As a result of the small dimensions of both the island and the Four Seasons Resort Nevis, nothing seems prepackaged or formulaic because, wellit’s maybe perhaps not. This isn’t your enormous industrial-style resort adventure, but this can be a calming and restorative travel encounter that is unlike many others in the Caribbean.

Faroe Islands

Sailing the North Atlantic

Normally my trips have been carefully chosen and well-planned outside, but that was surely not true with what is the strangest cruise I’ve ever been on. Inspired by a documentary on the Discovery Channel, Once I learned about the cruise-ferry that spat from Denmark into the Faroe Islands and Iceland each week I understood I had to reserve it. A cruise-ferry isn’t your own normal ferry for that matter, or your normal cruise. It combines aspects of both in what is an extremely strange union of convenience. Ferrying hundreds of tourists, facets of this boat are very much enjoy a conventional cruise ship, although a more spartan variant of it. The boat very much meets an important part for the Faroe Islands though in providing an all-too significant trade link. For me personally, it had been the most effective possible method to visit the Faroe Islands, in addition to revisit one of my favorite states — Iceland. The week was just as much fun as I had expected it would be and while it’s likely not a style of journey I would replicate, it had been an exciting way to encounter the North Atlantic.

Arches National Park Utah

National Parks

I feel as if I’m
National Parks too much, but I could ’t even believe that would be possible. Very
correctly called America’s Best Idea, the 419 sites contained in the National
Park Service platform aren’t just unmatched in the nation, but the entire world. I
was lucky to visit a number of them in 2019, but one of my favorite
experiences was researching Arches National Park in Utah. Arches was designated a National Monument in 1929 and a Park in 1971; the most huge 76,000 acre site known for the over 2,000 sandstone arches which grace
its own lands. The famous, Delicate Arch, also adorns the Utah license plate
and driving into the park it’therefore difficult not to be enthralled by the pure beauty of the region. Arches National Park though is about a whole lot more than
its namesake geology, there also is still around the park huge formations
which seem to be the handiwork of the gods. Spires, balanced stone, sandstone fins,
and eroded monoliths are all strewn about the landscape, creating a red rock
diorama that looks more like Mars than anyplace on Earth.

Budapest Retro Tour

I sailed with river railroad company Avalon Waterways in 2019, loving an experience along the Danube. One of my initial experiences happened though before I joined the boat, a exceptional experience in Budapest. The idea of researching Budapest’s Communist past driving around in a Trabant seemed like the mixture of lively and historical immersion. Picked up in a 80s-era Trabant, our guide spent the day taking us into various different areas around Budapest, all of the while sharing not only the history of the Communist era, but his personal experiences also. Whether it had been touring a ruin bar, loving a spritz at the Trabant bar or walking through a grove of all Communist-era statues, the day was as educational as it had been fun.

Juist Germany


Most people don’t even associate Germany with islands but as I learned this year there are a few pretty incredible islands just off the shore of Germany, including Juist. To be clear, Americans may be surprised to find out about Germany’therefore islands, but they’ve been known to European tourists for quite a while, and with good reason. Juist in particular is a remarkably unique location thanks in big part to the lack of any aerodynamic vehicles That’s correct, motorized transportation isn’t allowed on Juist, meaning the only means to get around is by bike, foot or horse-drawn carriage. Rather than a nuisance, it’s still a wonderful way to slow down and really connect with the destination in a manner that’s generally impossible to do. Add to that wonderful food and stunning shores and this is one holiday spot for your trip list.

Disney Parks

For me personally, Disney is about a whole lot more than simply enjoying a park, it’therefore a kind of traveling immersion rsquo & which;s tough to replicate. Spending time in the parks — any of them — is one of those few occasions I feel like everything is really ok in the world. I leave my mature anxieties at the front terrace and at the return I enjoy a sort of pure and innocent joy that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. This year I’ve seen three of those parks around the world, including Disneyland Paris. In a departure from my normal means of travel, I did very little research before seeing, which generated those Disney surprises even more particular. Both parks which include Disneyland Paris aren’t enormous and everything can be achieved a day or two, but seeing it is worth it, even if you have only a passing curiosity about Disney.

Key West Florida

Key West

There are strange and curious omissions in my traveling listing along with the Florida Keys were up there until a few months back when I thankfully had the opportunity to visit. Every one the keys were obviously great, but Key West is very much at the heart of the experience. Long considered to be one of the most remote and strangest spots in the nation, generations of acceptance and weird people has come together to create a fantastically wonderful location. If you love history, there’s no lack of it out of railroad tycoons to Presidential homes. Beauty is of course everywhere and getting to the water as often as possible is advised. Regardless of the reason why you visit be sure that you do.

Harry Potter in London

I’ve loved the Harry Potter novels and movies because they were first printed, but I wouldn’t ever consider myself fanatical regarding the sequence. I enjoy them, but I don’t even possess a wand and I have never played with Quidditch; in other wordsI’m quite so a standard individual. I wasn’t exactly sure what I would think about the Harry Potter expertise in London but I definitely didn’t even think I would enjoy it as much as I did so. Prescient people thankfully saved everything from the creation of the movies, most of which is maintained in the striking Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros.. Studio tour encounter just outside of London. This could easily take a full day to correctly enjoy and immediately became one of my experiences in London.


My only regret with seeing Portugal is that it took me as long. It’therefore I averted Portugal, away from it, however, the celebrities simply never adapting before I joined a river cruise on the Douro River only a couple weeks ago. To be clear, Portugal is a destination that is thankfully unlike another spot in Europe. I think I thought it would be like Spain, but ’s certainly not true. The people are the nicest I’t fulfilled in Europe, the food is unbelievable, the cities vibrant and alive and the natural beauty incomparable. Whether you choose to have a river cruise or explore on your own, just be sure to explore sooner instead of later.

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