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Paris Hilton Reveals She Owns 100 Juicy Couture Velour Tracksuits in Every Color


Paris Hilton is well known for her show-stopping appearances, however, it ends up she prefers to maintain a Juicy Couture sweatsuit — so much that she possesses 100 pairs!

The 38-year-old celebrity recently opened up in an interview using The Guardian and discussed her fashion tastes, love for style, and how she’s managed to set trends over the calendar year, such as her iconic 21st birthday dress.

“Growing up, I always had my own sense of design,” she told the outlet. “I loved inventing my own tendencies and being original and unique. I really like the way Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham dress — they always look trendy and chic. ”

“When I go to some party, I love to be glamorous and go out; I like to sparkle and feel beautiful,&rdquo. “I really do have a touch look — I love pink and I love sparkles. ”

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Though Paris is a lover of things sparkle and glamour, the heiress disclosed that her regular attire is far from that.

“y wear is comfy. I love Juicy Couture’s velour tracksuits; I likely own 100 of these in every color,” she explained.

“That’s my uniform when I’m going to the beach, & rdquo or frightening at home; Paris added. “Anything that doesn’t require a red carpet. ”

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Over time, Paris stated her “fashion has shifted ” yet — a thing that she credits her sister Nicky Hilton for assisting with.

“I were affected by my sister Nicky, whose style has always been the complete opposite of mine” the singer-DJ said. “I’ve learned to tone it down a bit, make a little bit more frightening. ”

Naturally, that doesn’t imply Paris tones all the time.

“It depends upon the scenario; I’m a chameleon. I am able to appear at a Chanel suit, looking like a businesswoman, however when I’m at a party or Halloween or Burning Man, then I’m going all out,” she moans.

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This isn’t the first time that Paris has compared herself to the monster that is color-changing.

The celebrity, who’s currently staying active with her DJ gigs and promoting her fragrance line confessed to feeling like a chameleon when it comes to her jobs and fashion choices.

“I love reason I’m a chameleon,” she explained on a current installment of PEOPLE Now. “I enjoy being matters that are different. ”

“So throughout the dayI’m a businesswoman and within my new, and then at nightI expect to be my alter ego, that resembles that raver Barbie, that will be dressed up and along with my DJ gloves and all the crystals and my whole outfit is blinging with Swarovski crystals. ”

“Laser lights coming from the glasses, enjoying songs and playing before hundreds of thousands of people,” she included. “It’s definitely most incredible feeling in the entire world. ”

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