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Taking a look back: TLC’s top 10 most read stories for January 2020


As the year comes to a close, Total Landscape Care has compiled a listing of the top 10 stories of each month of the year. Take a look at what tales were co exist on our site in January 2020.

10. Looking to the future: Voices of the incoming workforce
Men standing around a track loader with its hood up

When interning at Myatt, students learned to do a security check on equipment.Photo: Myatt Landscaping

Together with the many chances that the year 2020 can bring to the green industry, one major notion to keep an eye on is the way the incoming workforce may either strengthen or weaken the present labor deficit  the business is confronting.

While it is very important to focus on the employees currently in the field, it’s also crucial to look to the future and see what could be done today to attract more students to the green industry and grow their interest in the field.

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9. Advice for landscape professionals interested in learning Spanish

A man holding up an ¿Hablas español? card

Clients of Total Landscape Care know the significance of learning Spanish. Without question, learning even just a small bit of Spanish could have major benefits for landscaping professionals.

Having the ability to speak some Spanish can help avoid errors and their associated expenses, while enhancing worker satisfaction and creating a greater feeling of community.

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8. Lawn care principles: Getting to know your bud types
Dew droplets on the tips of grass

Photo: Pixabay

When you’re first starting out in the lawn care business, you may think marijuana is grass, but there’s more to it than that. If your customer is looking for the quintessential green yard, you will need to know what kind of grass is most appropriate for your customer ’s area.

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7. Take a look at some of America’s most endangered plants from state
America's Most Endangered Plants map with endangered plants listed by state

Graphics by NetCredit

When you think of endangered species, you probably picture exotic creatures like pandas or creatures, however, species don’t even have to be far off or even creatures to be sabotaged.

In fact, you will find over 800 plants in the United States alone which are listed as endangered or threatened under federal jurisdiction, and even more are protected on the country level.

Netcredit utilized the United States Department of Agriculture’s tools to create a graphic that highlights the endangered plant in each state.

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6. 10 ways to improve your communication abilities Stick figures sitting across a table from each other with speech bubbles

Photo: Pixabay

Most likely one of the most crucial soft skills that you need in any business, particularly the landscaping business, is communication.

Without strong communication skills, you can neglect to acquire new clients when you pitch jobs, alienate employees if you’re trying to provide constructive criticism or cause misunderstandings in regards to job site expectations.

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5. Compact figurines: A flexible workhorse for the fleet 
John Deere 3032E compact tractor dumping a bucket of dirt and gravel onto a pile

Photo: John Deere

As a landscape contractor, you want to get the most bang for your dollar, so if you’re looking for a machine to improve your fleet to improve your productivity, compact tractors can be a great alternative, depending on the nature of your job.

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4. Six landscape design trend predictions for 2020
A hardscaped area with two chairs surrounded by rock, grass, and ornamental grass landscaping

Photo: Sun Valley Landscaping/Colin Conces Photography

We covered some of the green business trends landscapers hope to see from 2020. Below are some of the design components they’re calling is going to be in high demand this year.

As stated in part one, gardening is growing more popular, however, typically people don’t even have the time to create an outdoor oasis themselves.

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3. Landscaping companies discuss their 2020 predictions for the industry 
Red flowers in containers on a patio

Photo: Sun Valley Landscaping/Colin Conces Photography

2020 marks the start of a new decade and with regards to its own pair of trend predictions, both for the green business as a whole and landscape layouts.

We talked to a group of landscapers  their ideas about current business trends, as well as what design elements they anticipate will likely be in high demand this year. Nearly all these trends are building momentum over the last few years and some could seem more like a given at this point.

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2. What you Want to know about the 2020 pm judgment

Weekly times sheets and pen near a golden binder labeled, "Over Time"

On September 24the Department of Labor (DOL) released a last rule which will have effect on Jan. 1, 2020, which will raise the minimum salary requirement to be considered exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

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1. Ways stone can help control water erosion in the landscape
Landscaping rocks and plants used to control erosion from a drainpipe

Photo: Wholesale Stone Solutions

Erosion is a frequent pain point which could cause clients to find your landscaping services to help remedy the problem.

1 solution is the tactical use of rock in the landscape that will help mitigate the effects of erosion.

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