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Trayce Chapman Delivers A Stacked Stat Sheet On Contraband 3


You know how when you’re playing NBA 2K, and you knock down a handful of shots in a row, it gives you the option to enter “takeover mode?” You’re on fire. Nothing is missing no matter where you shoot from. Keep reading. Trayce Chapman released Contraband 3 on 303 Day to a mob of anxious, giddy fans. And he failed to miss. The project — an airtight forty minutes in length — is quite literally bursting at the seams with music.

“Chauncey” is a butter-smooth introduction and the project’s shortest piece. Chapman slides over a snappy instrumental with ease here. The up-tempo pace is maintained on “Olive Street” and “The Winds,” the latter a glowing pre-album single. Speed and power straight out of the gate is Chapman’s manner of operation. But it’s not reckless. Like a BMW X6 or the point guard that shares his title track’s namesake, controlled chaos is a shining highlight for the opening trio of songs.

Photo courtesy of Trayce Chapman Facebook.

Contraband 3’s two-headed dragon is “Velvet Du-Rag Freestyle” and “GMO’s.” Stan Getz and Luis Bonfá’s remarkable “Saudade Vem Correndo” (most notably used on The Pharcyde’s “Runnin”) compliments Chapman’s free-flowing use of reminiscent bars. On “GMO’s,” he makes it clear — if you lack authenticity, there’s a new name for you.

Pitched vocals are sprinkled throughout the album. They’re sampled, but not overly modified. Chapman shows no hesitation going step for step with recognizable backdrops, and it pays off. Take “Stories from Vegas” for example. Bobby Caldwell’s instant classic is made crystal clear in the record’s opening moments. It’s instantly recognizable — then it skips and drops, and Chapman plunges into a symphony of kicks, claps and bass line. “Tread” and “Sneaky Link” further exemplify Chapman’s willingness to use the human voice to his advantage. On one hand, he floats over “Jocelyn Flores” style vocals. On the other, he croons atop chipmunk-esque melodics to a late-night call.

Contraband 3 cover. Photo courtesy of Trayce Chapman.

Versatility reaches a high point on “Ode to Project Pat.” As the name suggests, it’s a speaker-knocker that’d make Pat, The Kaze, Three 6 Mafia and the entirety of Memphis smile from across the Mississippi River. It’s bouncy, energetic, and another testament to the Denver emcees adaptive ease.

There’s so much to digest on Contraband 3: boom-bap, harmonic bars, thrashing lyricism, spacey instrumentals, electronic orientation, beat drops, beat flips love, loss, storytelling, flexing, pain, pleasure — the list goes on. Whether or not the contraband series will continue or stand as a trilogy is to be determined. Chapman’s trademark, however, is made absolutely clear. His individualism isn’t defined by one sub-genre of rap, speed of delivery or sonic influence. It’s the opposite. He’s a shapeshifter in the best way possible, a defining trait very few can stake claim to.

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