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Denver film industry pushing through pandemic despite new COVID-19 guidelines


DENVER (KDVR) — Businesses throughout Colorado continue to push the outbreak, finding new techniques to safely circulate. Denver’s film industry is also moving toward a return to regular but with new COVID-19 regulations.

Jennie Hawkins and the rest of her group in Action Medical serve as COVID-19 compliance officers for film and TV productions in both Colorado and nationally. Before the pandemic, she states they had been mainly on place to make certain nobody has been hurt during a stunt or to offer treatment.

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“It’s changed a lot. Before, you know, people would group together and really be close and share things and it would move really fast. Now, with COVID, it is a lot slower,” said Hawkins.

Since COVID-19 compliance officers, Hawkins says they often test actors and team members, perform COVID screenings and make certain people on place are staying in their specified zones to keep mingling into a minimum.

Hawkins claims the increased responsibility is maintaining her team busy.

“January was a record-breaking month for us with 30 productions. It has definitely been extremely busy, which is great. It’s keeping us on our toes and we’re able to bring entertainment to people that desperately need it right now,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins is working with a team in downtown Denver on a movie set to air on a significant network later this year. The director, Dylan Vox, says working through COVID-19 has its own challenges.

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“We’ve had moments where we’ve been delayed because of testing or we’ve gotten results that may have kind of taken us down for a while. I think overall, having those in place makes everyone feel safe so they feel like they can do their job,” said Vox.

Hawkins says certain marriages mandate that the usage of COVID-19 compliance officers on set. A variety of states suggest the usage of them.

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