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Flume Talks “The Difference” ft. Toro y Moi, Teases New Album in Apple Music Interview


The is the track on the Apple AirPods Pro advertisement.

Last week word broke that Flume (actual name Harley Streten) would be releasing new music alongside Toro y Moi (actual name Chaz Bundick).  While formerly”The Difference” was showcased as a 31-second clip on Streten’s official playlists beneath the guise 300ZX Z31, it is officially out beneath his present moniker. The esteemed producer spoke with Zane Lowe in honour of this brand new showcased in the new Apple AirPods Pro ad, along with his pay place on New Music Daily on Apple Music.

“The Difference” is yet another exploration of Streten’s ever-expanding musical trip. The drum and bass-inspired monitor is a bright, upbeat existential piece that highlights Bundick’s easily soothing vocals. This collaboration feels just like a match made in paradise, combining these two indietronica titans’ signature pop-synth stylings. 

On the topic of collaborating with Bundick, Streten said:

“He just came over. Um, we messed around on the synths. We’d never done music before, but, uh, it was the first time working together. And it just went incredibly well, and he’s such a pleasure to work with. Honestly, there wasn’t too much to it. We just messed around, and this is what happened. He’s a super creative guy. It’s funny, actually, because I’ve been a fan of him for years. When I started this Flume Project, One of his tracks called ‘Talamak,’ which I think came out in about 2011 or something, was kind of one of the blueprint songs for this project. When I heard that I was like,’Okay, I need to do you know, a number of these qualities.’ It has been amazing to work with such a figure in music that I’ve always had so much love for. ”

In the interview with Lowe, Streten expressed his excitement on the collaboration with the AirPods Pro spot. Lowe goes into describing that in previous generations the idea of working with a brand was seen as something undesirable. Nowadays, brands like Apple are using these platforms as a way to showcase artists’ work. 

Last, the most exciting thing to come from this conversation was that there is a new album in works:

“Yeah, we’ll put a list out . I mean, I’m only working out. I’m attempting to do two thoughts each day, or a beat each day. I sort of got the blinders on, head down. Hopefully place out a record this season. What I’m attempting to do is have fun with songs. I think I take it seriously. And today I’m only having fun and making whatever comes to mind. And it is, uh, it has been really satisfying. And I’m feeling creatively that is great. So yeah, hopefully I’ll have a lot more to discuss this season. ”

This news comes only days after Streten declared that he will sponsor a three-day, multi-era concert encounter at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre titled Flume and Friends 2020 from June 8-10th.  He’ll bring along a multi-genre collection of his contemporaries including Mura Masa, SOPHIE, Cashmere Cat, Kučka plus more.

In the meantime, stream”The Difference” from Flume featuring Toro y Moi on all platforms here


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