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How was a sex offender hired to deliver pizza?


DENVER (KDVR) — A former pizza delivery driver is now in police custody in Fort Collins.

Police arrested Cyrus Warren, 21, a former Domino’s driver, for sexual assault, stalking and trying to enter a home. FOX31 is also learning he’s a registered sex offender. So how was he able to get this job as a sexual predator?

Some digging into Warren’s criminal background showed no information on the state or national registry for sexual predators. This follows a string of crimes beginning in late October, including interacting with a young girl at an apartment complex on three occasions, two while delivering pizzas to the home.

“Everyone is required to have a background check,” Rick Cooley said. He’s the controller of the franchise that runs the Domino’s where Warren worked.

Warren quit by phone the same day police say he sexually assaulted another woman.

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“So we use a company called InfoMart and they run all of our background checks,” Cooley told FOX31. InfoMart is the third-party company they use for all of their prospective employees. But somehow, he did not show up as a sex offender during their check.

“They have to pass the company standards, you can’t be on the sexual offenders list and you can’t have major crimes, because we’re not going to send somebody like that to someone’s front door,” Cooley added.

“We also checked the state and federal sex offender registry, but nothing came up,” Cooley said.

“It may be that the individual somehow is under some form of registration that is not public access,” FOX31 legal analyst Chris Decker said. He said there could be several reasons as to why he can’t be found when searching the sex offender databases.

“It’s possible that this person was in Colorado and was a registered sex offender somewhere else and he should’ve registered here,” Decker said.

Another reason could be that the 21-year-old could have been a minor when the offense happened. Regardless, employers and members of the public were left in the dark.

“They should be able to get access to information,” Decker said.

“That makes it even more concerning, frankly, to explain why an employer and the general public can’t verify whether this person is a sex offender,” he added.

If he was a minor at the time he became a registered sex offender, only certain government agencies and the Colorado Department of Education have access to those juvenile records.

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