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Review – REZZ Embraced Deep Bass and Grand Production at Red Rocks


Friday night, REZZ took over the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in true EDM fashion – complete with an incredible light show, hypnotic visuals and a fantastic lineup. Supported by Champaign Drip, Rusko, MeSo and Mija, her third headlining show at the iconic venue provided great energy and a deep psychedelic atmosphere layered in dark bass music.

Champaign Drip and Rusko’s opening sets were both great performances that built anticipation for REZZ in clever ways. For starters, the lights and visuals were amped up throughout each set, building to a climax of trippy effects that matched the feeling of their music perfectly. This was just a small taste of what was to come, however, and the rows of unutilized lights covering the stage floor seemed to tease the crowd with their mystique and potential.


Shot by Will Sheehan

REZZ’s music isn’t exactly what you’d call “soft.” Her deep bass and insane sound design are unpredictable, loud and wrapped up in a whirlwind of simple and hard-hitting drums. Champaign Drip had a similarly eerie vibe, although slightly more melodic at times. The crowd dug it, and that energy stayed high during Rusko’s set as the industry vet moved from one drum-and-bass banger to the next, keeping the crowd on their feet. The tempo was certainly raised by a few BPMs during Rusko’s performance, but the crowd adapted and ultimately seemed to enjoy the faster pace.

Rusko’s departure from the stage allowed the crowd to catch their breath before REZZ transformed the venue into her own world. Right from the start, it was clear REZZ had a special performance planned. The alluring lights lined across the stage finally lit up as waves of flashing colors moved from one side of the stage to the next, accompanied by dangerously hypnotic and pulsing visuals that explored all kinds of psychedelic effects. The show started with a bang and continued that energy for the entire set.

As REZZ fell into her groove, she embraced all kinds of unique production designs and song structures. One highlight, for example, was her remix of The Weekend’s smash hit “Blinding Lights,” which featured an incredible match-up of traditional electronic sounds layered beneath the song’s unforgettable hook.


Shot by Will Sheehan

Standing on an elevated centerpiece above a sea of lights, it was obvious REZZ was soaking up the moment. Her signature LED glasses swirling with neon lights couldn’t hide the glow in her eyes as she danced around the turntable, moving with the crowd. Her fans love REZZ for who she is, and REZZ frequently reminded the audience of her appreciation throughout her performance with expressions of gratitude and plenty of thank yous. After a year without shows, she let the audience know how crazy it felt for her to finally be back, watching thousands of people share that experience with her.

She ended the night with a bang, remixing Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name Of,” which honestly fit her sound and style perfectly. Fire exploded from the base of the stage and sparkles rained down from the roof as she masterfully mixed hard-rock and bass music for an incredible final moment. REZZ successfully created a world of her own, filled with loud and unpredictable bass and insane production virtually unmatched by her contemporaries raising the bar for heavy bass shows at Red Rocks.

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