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Summer House: Why Danielle & Lindsay Think Ciara Is ‘Boring’


Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard recently called Ciara Miller the “least fun” person on Summer House season 6. Fans were introduced to Lindsay on Summer House season 1, while Danielle joined the cast in season 2. Ciara joined the cast much later, in season 5, as Luke Gulbranson’s friend. Her introduction to the cast caused former Summer House star Hannah Berner to feel threatened as she and Luke had a fling during season 4. However, Hannah had nothing to worry about given that Ciara had no romantic interest in Luke.

Ciara went on to star in the Bravo spinoff Winter House along with Lindsay and other Summer House cast members. Stars of Southern Charm also joined the cast, with new faces Andrea Denver, Gabrielle Kniery, and Jason Cameron adding to the mix. Ciara and Southern Charm star Austen Kroll found romance with each other, which fizzled after the show ended. Ciara returned for Summer House season 6, and the trailer teases a visit from Austen that soon creates a love triangle between the former couple and Lindsay.

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Ciara bonded with Paige DeSorbo on Winter House after sharing a room together throughout the season. Their friendship picked up immediately on Summer House season 6, with the two friends arriving together along with newcomer Mya Allen. However, Ciara never seemed to bond with Lindsay or Danielle. On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Lindsay and Danielle, “Who was the least fun in the house?” They immediately answered at the same time, “Ciara.” Andy asked why they felt that way and Danielle explained, “I just think sometimes she takes herself way too seriously, and it’s supposed to be about fun and being around each other. But turns out, didn’t get as much fun from her.”

According to Kyle Cooke, “Summer is supposed to be fun!” Alas, fans agree that Ciara is the least fun out of all the cast members. When WWHL tweeted that Danielle and Lindsay think Ciara is the least fun housemate, a Summer House fan replied, “Ciara is a wet blanket and these two are effortlessly cool.” Another commenter stated, “We can tell that by watching. Carl chose Lindsay to be with over wet blanket, zero personality Ciara.” Nonetheless, another viewer argued, “I think Danielle is dull.”

Fans speculate that Danielle and Lindsay don’t like Ciara because of her involvement with Austin, whom Lindsay declared her love for in Winter House despite him pursuing Ciara. On Summer House season 6, Ciara shows interest in Carl Radke, with whom Lindsay had a past relationship that didn’t work out. Even though Carl and Lindsay are now officially a couple, fans wonder if Lindsay felt threatened by Ciara this season. The trailer also teases a fight between Ciara and Danielle, with Ciara throwing a glass of wine at Danielle’s chest. With all these messy situations going on this season, fans can all agree that Summer House is definitely not boring.

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